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sun girl

princesskeena in kt_logs

Keena: To Thea

Dear Theaface,

You've been a very bad girl. I had to talk you out of smokin it up with your bad, bad boy. >=( There are benefits to everything, but you can't decide to do something without looking at the BAD side effects. Why not grow vegetables in some goat shit, stuff maggots in your wounds, let your babies run around without diapers, and let your leg hairs grow wild. LOL. When there are bad side effects, such as your baby shitting in the kitchen or looking like a damned hippy, you have to decide if they're going to HELP or HURT you and the goals you're currently set on. Right now you're trying to stay fertile and healthy, lose some weight, and be chemical free. So you want to risk all of that to ease cramps when you KNOW you can get rid of them a natural way? LADY. Shame on you.


P.S. Sam Rutebat
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Oooh you make me laugh so much! I refuse to damage my goals over stupid period cramps.
You are my best friend. You know how to cut me deep. =P