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Thea: General Update

I'm doing so good with my No Cig pledge!!
I think I've only had one in the last 8 days! Second hand smoke is starting to bother me & I find myself getting pissed off when Michael smells like it. Gross.
I'll be running out of stickers soon. hehee

No Poo:
I got my hair trimmed last week. My hairdresser shampooed and conditioned, but my hair was fine & looked no different than using baking soda. Actually, that's a small lie. It was slightly oily on the top, but not bad at all.
I want to find more organic shampoo recipes rather than just baking soda & ACV. I want a good smell in my hair, it's been smelling rather bland. It's almost getting old. =(

Keena sent me a package, I got it a couple weeks back! I'm going to take pictures & post so that we'll always remember.
The pixie sticks she sent has been the most sugar I've had in awhile!

Yoga & Pilates is going real good!! My belly has been sore from the ab workouts, but I can feel it's a bit tighter than usual. =D My sister, Gabrielle, has been doing it with me so that's nice! More motivation!
My diet is going great as well! I've been eating lots of grapes, nanners, apples, fat free yogurt, carrots, celery & water all day long for snacks.

I feel better & it's only the 4th week of January!! 2009 is going good.
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definitely good progress on everything :D you're gonna kick my butt.

try that list of herbs.. maybe somethin on there will smell good.