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Thea: Long time Update

It's been awhile.
I start Paul Mitchell beauty school August 3rd! I'll be going full-time Tuesday-Saturday, 9-4pm.
If I don't miss many days, I'll graduate in June of next year!! They're going to help me get a job at a good salon & everything.
Beauty school is where I start finding clients so when I graduate I'll be making money RIGHT AWAY. $300-$500 a week possibly if I do good!
I'm soo excited.

Michael & I are leaving Billings, MT August 1st & are flying into Indianapolis that night.

My birthday is August 12th & I plan on partying. =]

It's pow wow season in Indian land. I finished Sarah's belt & beaded and sewed Cloelle's moccasins.
Here's some pics. =]

Still on the loom... my first design.

Nearly finished on the loom.

Finished product!!!!! =] It took me almost two months to complete. I'm so proud.

Mocassins! I lazy stitched the design & then sewed the tongue on.