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theaaaaa in kt_logs

Thea: Productiveness

This week has been the best in a while!
I got new things!
I painted!
I played at the park for hours & hours!
I balled it up... I kicked Michael's ass.
Necklaces out of mermaid shell are beautiful!
I'm in love!
Backgammon is a new addiction!

Okay look...

This is my squishy footed alien. I felt symmetrical...

Squishy aliens.

Bob Ross inspired.

Michael's suicidal tv head.

The mermaid necklace is much cooler in person.

Look at these awesome sailor flats...

Too bad they rubbed the back of my heals raw. =[[ Ouch.
I'm going to have to wear leggings with them I'm afraid. Boo hoo.

But um this week has been the best! I feel happy.